A la carte

Each creation from Roche Bobois only reveals one example of its possibilities. All are customizable and even more: they are created to be customized. We give you the opportunity to compose your furniture piece or your sofa, fit it to your measurements and your quality of life, at Roche Bobois this is our strongest desire. The choice of materials, colors, sizes, finishes is such that the possibilities are almost endless. Because a piece of furniture or sofa should be able to adapt to the tastes and lifestyle of those who will live with them, Roche Bobois creations can be "Designed for you".


All our sofas are customizable. Depending on your tastes and desires, by harmony or counterpoint wanted for your home, you choose the dimensions, materials, colors, finishes. And because there is no one way for a sofa to be, because you can be sitting or lying, because comfort is personal, many sofas allow you to invent your own comfort headrest and mobile armrests, modular seating, remote control ...


Choice of materials, colors, sizes, shapes and options, gives free rein to your imagination.
Adapt the form to the function, compose a piece of furniture that is unlike any other, or rather, one that resembles you.