2013 ORA-ITO table

Design : ORA-ITO

This table was imagined by the young French artist and designer Ora Ito, eponymous creator of the first virtual brand.

With its ambitious and dynamic shape, the table creates an elegant sense of movement. It embodies the designer’s philosophy: “simplexity”, or the art of making complex objects appear very simple.

2012 VICTOR dresser

Design : Luigi GORGONI

Slatted wood structure covered with black or white Daquacryl, lacquered wood legs.
Door fronts in two-coloured Daquacryl (34 colours).

2011 SISMIC dining table

Design : Cédric RAGOT

Dining table. Central base in reinforced polyester resin, lacquered, high-gloss and satin finish available.
Top in 12mm-thick extra clear glass, with fading screen-printed pattern.

2011 ECHOES modular sofa

Design : Mauro LIPPARINI

Rectangular tone on tone stitching on platforms and backs.
Solid wood and particle board structure, XL elastic strap suspension. Seat and armrest cushions: 100% goose and duck feather down on foam core. Back and scatter cushions: 100% goose and duck feather. Steel legs and armrests, black nickel finish.
Upholstered in « Nature » leather, « nubuck » and « Echo » fabric.

2010 PAPILLON sideboard

Design : René BOUCHARA

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Spectacular sideboard with mysterious and pure lines, futuristic yet raw, very poetic yet high-tech.

2010 CADENCE sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition and distribution: Roche Bobois.
The last release of Hans Hopfer. A collection of cubic shapes where seats, arm and backrests combine into a sophisticated sofa with staggered soft curves.

2009 SAGA collection

Design : Christophe DELCOURT

Edition Roche Bobois.
On top of a wood stack, a 4-sided tree-trunk in white lacquer with special notes written on 2 sided deep-cuts (Roche Bobois' story and life origin).

2009 RYTHME sofa

Design : Studio Missoni HOME

Edition: Roche Bobois.
The "sofa in layers" designed by Missoni: custom-made from 1.20m to infinite sizes...

2008 FOSSILE bookcase


Edition: Roche Bobois.
Inspired by a beehive, this extruded clay storage piece honors Mother Nature.

2008 PARTICULES sideboard

Design : Antoine LAYMOND

Edition: Roche Bobois.
When fortune meets necessity: like black stones, 3-5 modular units transform in a beautiful piece.

2008 FLAP bookcase

Design : René BOUCHARA

Edition: Roche Bobois.
René Bouchara materializes his vision for a mobile furniture with dozens of mobile fins forming an exceptional façade.

2007 ENVERGURE sofa

Design : Roberto TAPINASSI et Maurizio MANZONI

Edition: Roche Bobois.
A sofa with aerial comfort and a pedestal-armrest. It's the new beginning for adjustable headrests.

2007 SPINNAKER collection

Design : Christophe DELCOURT & Jérôme GAUTHIER

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Designers duo for materials duo: a unique stylish trunk collection in leather/wood for experienced travelers.

2006 CUTE CUT cocktail table

Design : Cédric RAGOT

Edition Roche Bobois.
Thanks to its sensual curves, the Cute Cut collection proves that the best OMNI (unidentified furnishing objects) can easily fit to any room.

2006 DUKMI console

Design : Dukmi CHUN

Roche Bobois edition.
As a result of a college project on solid wood, the Dukmi collection's roots and branches recall a swamp.

2006 VERTIGO collection

Design : Daniel RODE

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Slanted cuts all rejoining at the equilibrium point… The essentials of Vertigo collection.

2006 SPEED UP collection

Design : Sacha LAKIC

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Passionate by speed, designer Sacha Lakic applies his passion for racing cars to fluids and unconventional furniture pieces.

2006 LEGEND bookcase

Design : Christophe DELCOURT

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Legend marks the entry of Roche Bobois in the green era and corporate environmental responsability. The strong design along with the ecologic benefits of this collection will ensure its worldwide success.

2005 NUAGE armchair

Design : Roberto TAPINASSI et Maurizio MANZONI

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Like a comma, a distinctive armchair with sensual curves.

2005 RIVE DROITE collection

Design : Christophe DELCOURT

Edition: Roche Bobois.
With Rive Droite, Christophe Delcourt confirms that wood concept can be revisited constantly. Furthermore, asides from the furniture and accessories pieces, it offers a complete soft and elegant lifestyle.

2003 COMETE sofa

Design : Vladimir KAGAN

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Favorite designer of Hollywood stars, Vladimir Kagan designs for Roche Bobois a very futuristic and spectacular sofa.

2002 PING PONG collection

Design : Paola NAVONE

Edition: Roche Bobois.
It's the collection symbolizing the globalization: exotic woods, asian handcraft, european modernity... From the interaction of all worlds, a new style is created.

2000 Produit2 EN

Soustitre Produit2 EN

Texte produit2 EN

2000 METROPOLIS collection

Design : Massimo IOSA GHINI

Edition: Roche Bobois.
On its fortieth anniversary, Roche Bobois launches the collection of the year 2000 in partnership with a 40 years old designer. Metropolis reaffirms the maturity of a Contemporary style respectious of the past, and yet foreseeing the future with transparency, elegance and noble materials.

1999 MAH JONG sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Hand-sewn and padded, the Lounge becomes Mah Jong. Most avant-garde piece since its release, this model is still a symbol of innovation, simplicity and modularity.

1998 MURANO dining table

Design : Maurice BARILONE

Edition: Roche Bobois.
The celebration of solid Murano glass in pure shapes.

1995 Produit1 EN

Soustitre produit1 EN

Texte produit1 EN

1991 EUREKA composition

Design : Gian Luigi GORGONI

Edition: roche Bobois.
Based on the simple concept of horizontal tops on glass cubes, Eureka has offered since 1991 various revamped editions (new compositions and materials).

1990 FLEUR DE FER collection

Design : Maurice BARILONE

Roche Bobois edition .
Tears and stretches are the fundamentals to this collection, which has built its originality over 20 years in raw metal sheets.

1990 IMAGINE sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Roche Bobois edition.
In search of the "visual comfort", it's a Roche Bobois signature, a groundbreaking sofa…

1988 VICTOIRE console

Design : Maurice BARILONE

Edition: Roche Bobois.
This console is a true testimony to Maurice Barilone who likes modular pieces in space. Like a good wine, Victory does not age.

1984 INFORMEL sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition Roche Bobois.
Revolutionary sofa, completely made with foam and upholstered with a padded duvet.

1983 BROOKLYN sideboard

Design : Gian Luigi GORGONI

Edition Roche Bobois.
Designed in 1983 by a designer-architect, this basic self-supported 3-units sideboard becomes quickly a brand icon. It is still in vogue as of 2010.

1982 COMEDIA sofa

Design : Christian GERMANAZ

Edition: Roche Bobois.
The dramatic event draped around the armrests recalls a drop cloth, an inspiration to the model's name!

1980 DIAGONALE wall unit

Design : Gian Luigi GORGONI

Edition Roche Bobois.
In search of new sensations, the Milanese architect designs in 1980 this bold yet elegant wall unit.

1979 DIVIN DIVAN sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition Roche Bobois.
Revolutionary and casual, this asymetrical sofa is a successful quest for simple lines.

1978 PLATEAU sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition: Roche Bobois.
A tryout between furniture and seating.

1974 PAYSAGE sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Hans Hopfer creativity inspired by nature: flowery sofa with delicate contours like petals, to be arranged as a prairie.

1974 DROMADAIRE sofa

Designer : Hans HOPFER

Edition: Roche Bobois.
In 1974, Hans Hopfer innovates magnificently with adjustable height features on the backrests.

1973 PLIA chair

Design : Giancarlo PIRETTI

Edition: CASTELLI, Distribution: Roche Bobois.
A dream of the mass-production in furniture making: a small and folding clear chair mass-produced for an affordable pricing. Roche Bobois was the first to impor it.

1972 BAMBOLE sofa

Design : Mario BELLINI

Edition B&B, Distribution Roche Bobois.
Despite the raw leather used to upholster the sofa Bambole ("poupée"), this model is a symbol of softness: foam layers with high elasticity, soft cushions covered in duvet…

1972 TWENTY TUBE collection

Design : Marc BERTHIER

Edition: Roche Bobois.
Tubular structures covered with braided fabrics. This collection embraces gracefully the era characterized by Pop culture, fickleness and bold colors.

1972 PLAYER sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition: Roche Bobois.
The modular seating: armless chairs, concave or convex corner units, ottomans… one can let his imagination roam freely, depending on his taste and personality.

1971 LOUNGE sofa

Design : Hans HOPFER

Edition Roche Bobois.
Infinite possibilities of compositions and juxtapositions of modular elements: it's the introduction of the legendary modular "low-seating".

1968 SACCO armchair


Edition:ZANOTTA, Distribution:RB.
Colorful, shapeless and light… the first seat for relaxing while gazing at the landscape, and that can be trown out easily with a kick. Roche Bobois was the first to import it.

1967 OZOO collection

Design : Marc BERTHIER

Edition Roche Bobois.
The dream of a furniture piece completely made in a single operation, fully assembled and glossy out of the cast.

1966 BALL CHAIR and PASTILLI armchairs

Design : Eero AARNIO

Coming from the North like a white crescent moon and a slippery pebble on ice, the BALL CHAIR and the PASTILLI truly honor the charm, humor and fullness of their father, the Finnish designer Eero AARNIO.
© Eero Aarnio

1965 DJINN armchair

Design : Olivier MOURGUE

Edition AIRBORNE Distribution Roche Bobois.
In collaboration with the French manufacturer Airborne, Olivier Mourgue designs smooth and bold shapes. Starting in 1965, Roche Bobois distributes the Djinn armchairs.

1964 PAULIN bedroom

Design : Pierre PAULIN

Edition: Roche Bobois.
A journalist from Maison Française once characterized this bedroom exclusively designed by Pierre Paulin for Roche Bobois, an elegant anti-conformist style.

1963 Children's table

Production KOLDS SAVVÆRK, KERTEMINDE, distribution Roche Bobois.
Nanna Ditzel treated the children with great consideration: this table was designed especially for them, entirely made in Oregon pine like the rest of the collection.

1962 POUL CADOVIUS wall unit


Edition SYSTEM CADO, Distribution Roche Bobois.
100% wood panel, 100% modular and adjustable elements. Storage units, shelves and glass displays in rosewood from Rio… The break from conventional sizes has just begun.



Edition: MINVIELLE. Distribution: Roche Bobois.
A model among the first contemporary wall units offering infinite assembling compositons based on a metallic tube and 2-4 panels.