LEGEND 2 Bookcase

This bookcase is entirerly made in solid third category oak with an oil or varnish finish. It is assembled without using any metallic elements.

(8 stains available: Vison, Lande, whitened, chalk, coal black, wenge, Taupe et slate grey)


Dimensions: 77.2"l x 82.7"h x 15.7"d

L.196 x H.210 x D.40 cm

This product was evaluated on 6 eco-design criteria, each graded from 0 to 4. The final score for the product is the average of all 6 grades. Products with a score of 3 or higher are awarded our Eco6 label.

Score for the natural oiled version: 3.5/4 

1 - Materials: 4/4

Bookcase in solid chestnut: renewable resource, which can also be recycled (e.g. milling the wood in order to make panels) or reused (e.g. to produce thermal energy) at the end of the product’s life.

2 - Finishes: 4/4 Oil finish

3 - Number of used materials: 4/4

4 - Separability of materials: 4/4
Bookcase made with a single material: this facilitates the end-of-life recycling (only one recycling procedure). The different bookcase elements are assembled with a cross-halving joint or with wooden dowels.

5 - Lifespan: 3/4

6 - Transport optimization: 2/4               

Roche Bobois LEGEND 2 Bookcase