L. 219 x H. 75 x D. 48 cm

Design Erwan Péron

In his creations, designer Erwan Péron seeks to "give meaning and create emotion". The facades of the Nat collection feature multiple pieces of wood of different depths. The protruding pieces are outlined in black to highlight the three-dimensional look. This work of contemporary marquetry is done by hand and showcases the natural variations of the oak. It's unique, but also very refined.


Erwan Péron

Through his creations, designer Erwan Peron tries to "create meaning and inspire emotion". He is a graduate of the Nantes Design School, but he grew up in Central Africa, and nature remains a major source of inspiration for him. In his first collaboration with Roche Bobois, he created the HELIS cocktail table and sideboard in 2015. The NAT china unit followed, with its facade composed of off-set marquetry pieces. In 2016, Peron invented a new type of irregular surface: a mesmerizing texture, reminiscent of crinkled paper, of a snow-covered landscape, or of many other things, depending on the point of view.

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