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A complete collection for outdoor living

May 2018

A complete collection for outdoor living

A complete collection for outdoor living, designed by Stephen Burks.


This year, New York designer, Stephen Burks, has decided to reimagine the iconic armchair which he created for Roche Bobois in 2015, with a full collection dedicated specifically to the outdoors.

A natural progression for the American designer, known for his zest for travel and for taking inspiration from far off places.

In this “Outdoor” collection, we are reacquainted with fine tubular structures in aluminium, with joins resembling tree branches, woven yarns which form twisted and translucent layers and a quality of production which demonstrates craftsmanship of a very high standard.

The seats, with their generous and voluptuous cushioning, are the product of both fluid and organic design.

This collection is available in two colorways: “Colorful” (coral, red and yellow) and “Quiet” (grey, white and cobalt blue) along with four colours of cushions, offering a large number of potential colour combinations.