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citation Wanders

An invitation to embark on a journey

Marcel Wanders designed the Globe Trotter collection for Roche Bobois. This unique and eclectic collection is inspired by the legendary adventurers and explorers who traveled the world to discover new cultures and rare objects.

The collection expresses openness, freedom and inspiration, showcasing Marcel Wanders’ signature design style.

A large illustrated fresco portrays a whimsical wonderland, inviting one to take a walk among all the familiar characters from our beloved childhood stories. The fresco connects the pieces and different worlds to create a cohesive story throughout the entire collection.

Cleverly combining historical references and imaginary journeys, Marcel Wanders’ Globe Trotter is a romantic and poetic "promenade collection".



This sofa features a strong, yet graceful silhouette framed by two armrests inspired by the hot-air balloons invented by the Montgolfier brothers. The cushions, dressed with images from the Globe Trotter fresco, invite one to take a journey through imaginary worlds.


la parisienne

The La Parisienne table has a matte top and shiny lacquered undersurface. Its elegant legs dressed in “tights” are upholstered with the exclusive fabrics from the Globe Trotter collection. They feature delicate steel heels at the bottom.



The modular and versatile Cerf-Volant sofa appears to have wings: the side and back panels are covered with quilted fabric, leather, or wood. It is upholstered in the exclusive fabrics of the collection and accented by cushions with patterns from the fresco.



The Dojo bookcase was inspired by traditional Japanese sliding partitions and features 5 black shelves, 4 mobile geometric shapes in front and 3 fixed shapes in the back. It is available with oak or glossy lacquer finish.



Like a little submarine, the Wonder Buffet sideboard features a porthole offering a glimpse of a treasure inside. But its interior holds another secret: the spectacular, vibrant and poetic fresco from the Globe Trotter collection.


The accessories and objects of the Globe Trotter collection are enriched by the theme of travelling, real or imaginary they will always evoke the senses. There is a diversity of shapes, materials and patterns that echoes distant explorations, uncovered cultures and unveiled treasures.

Accessoires et Objets de décoration Globe Trotter
Accessoires et Objets de décoration Globe Trotter


All from the poetic Globe Trotter fresco, each of the eleven fabrics of the collection feature a geometric pattern that is connected to one of the stopovers on this trip around the world: delicate origami, fishnet stockings, a flower bed, a silk coat, an Aztec motif. These architectural, vibrant, and natural themes are all reminiscent of places visited or dreamt of.

les tissus
les tissus 2
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