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W. 200 x H. 75 x D. 82.2 cm

Designed by Sacha Lakic

Top in 12 mm-thick curved smoked glass, col. grey. Chest of 4 drawers in lacquered MDF or smoked walnut Alpi veneer (reconstituted veneer). Fins in 12 mm-thick smoked glass. Cable duct and storage compartment with electric plugs.

Manufactured in Europe

₱ 847.400

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Price excluding delivery. Valid for the Philippines only.

Price for the top in glass finish and chest in smoked walnut alpi veneer

Estimated delivery time: 10 to 12 weeks null


Other versions available in the showroom:

Desk with lacquered top - W. 182 x H. 75 x D. 82 cm
Desk with lacquered top - W. 160 x H. 75 x D. 77 cm
Desk with glass top - W. 160 x H. 75 x D. 77 cm

Designed by

Sacha Lakic

Designer Sacha Lakic has a passion for cutting-edge technology that he has applied to ambitious designs for futuristic cars and motorcycles. Each of his designs showcases supple yet dynamic shapes – his signature. For Roche Bobois he designs seats and furniture with fluid, sleek lines that match rigour and sensuality, logic and passion. With its unique shapes and style, the Bubble sofa designed by Sacha Lakic is today an iconic piece in the Roche Bobois collections.

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Sacha Lakic

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