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bedside table

W. 41.3 x H. 43.3 x D. 46.2 cm

Designed by Studio Roche Bobois

Intralog is a discreet bedside table that features a beveled edge, a suspended drawer, and integrated lighting in the lower niche. It also is available in 36 colors! ...



bedside table


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Bedside 1 drawer, with beveled perimeter frame. Niche with Led lighting (wireless switch).

Manufactured in Europe


eco conceived

This product was identified as eco-designed by our qualitative assessment tool developed in collaboration with the CBAF. it has been positively evaluated according to 8 criteria corresponding to each stage of its life cycle Technological institute.

Le Mag

Interview with Joana Vasconcelos in New York

Roche Bobois hosted a spectacular event at the prestigious flagship showroom in New York to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand in the US.

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Interview with Joana Vasconcelos in New York