Ozoo, the re-release of an icon

March 2018

Ozoo, the re-release of an icon

“The Ozoo desk and chair are iconic pieces. Choosing to re-release them is a very good move for many reasons: their shape, function, colour, shine, style and spirit. Their design – one single piece like a monolith - made their production easier and less expensive, which allowed us to expand our distribution.”

Marc Berthier, designer and architect.

Designed by Marc Berthier and edited by Roche Bobois in 1968, the Ozoo collection is making a comeback: on its 50th birthday, the iconic desk from the years of plastic is re-released in its five original colours along with its matching chair.

A perfect example of the revolutionary techniques and materials used in the 1960s, Ozoo represented the modern dream of using plastic in furniture: lightness, industrialisation, indoor or outdoor use, “pop” colours etc.

Initially designed for children and teenagers, the collection included small desks, beds, and storage units. After its success, it expanded into tables and cocktail tables. 

Moulded in one piece and coated with a bright and colourful gelcoat, the Ozoo desk quickly became a symbol of this stylistic transition: it paved the way for this joyful period of design.