Spring Summer 2018 Collection

January 2018

Spring Summer 2018 Collection

On 18th January, Roche Bobois invited the French and foreign press to its showroom on St Germain Boulevard, Paris to discover a sneak preview of the most notable pieces in its new Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Find below an interview with Nicolas Roche, Collections Director at Roche Bobois.

How would you describe the Spring/Summer 2018 collection?

I would use three words: thickness, materials, movement. The thickness, in the figurative sense, gives meaning to the objects (Aqua, Chimère). The materials (ceramic, marble) allow the designers to build the objects, giving life to their vision. And the movement, whether real or designed, animates pieces that would otherwise be fixed (Abstract, Itineraire, Scala).

What are some of the emerging trends?

A never-ending yet sensitive question... beyond colours and materials, what I find interesting is seeing different features and tastes that bring people together. Among them, a subtle vintage reference, an unexpected versatility, in other words, anything that adds a touch of charm or functionality.

Why did you re-release the Ozoo desk?

This is not something we are used to doing: this re-release is the first out of a very rich catalogue, despite the fact that we have been in business for 58 years… But the Ozoo collection is still very exceptional to me. First, after the bedroom designed by Pierre Paulin, it confirmed Roche Bobois’ evolution towards its editing role, which has become the pillar of our economic model. Second, because of the choice of materials and typologies used, it showcases the boldness that has been Roche Bobois’ signature characteristic since the beginning. Finally, because this model has become a landmark throughout the history of design, it is good to be reminded of who created it!