Cute cutXxm cocktail table

W. 100 x H. 23 x D. 86 cm

Design Cédric Ragot

Cédric Ragot has given life to objects combining creative imagination and innovative technical solutions. Defined by biomorphic inspired curves, Cute Cut is an example of artistic creativity and functional usage. In a mineral spirit, it personalizes the space like a domestic archipelago.


Credits : XXM Table Matte Lacquer - Matte Lacquer, White
Credits : XXM Table Matte Lacquer - Matte Lacquer, Creme
Credits : XXM Table Glossy Lacquer - Glossy Lacquer, Creme


Cédric Ragot

From industrial design to interiors, the work of Cédric Ragot pushes the boundaries of the contemporary arts and has been hailed as some of the most innovative work to be created by his generation. Always on the move yet always available, with a lust for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity, strong-willed, talented and endearing, this young designer refused to be pigeon-holed. His creativity flowed from one project to the next, creating synergies between them. From the beginning of his collaboration with Roche Bobois in 2005 to his sad parting in 2015, Cédric brought boundless creativity, a sense of innovation and great expertise to the projects that we worked on, often combining biomorphic forms of inspiration and technologically advanced materials. His ability to blend creative imagination with innovative technical solutions and to adapt to situations rather than to ever give up, led to the creation of furniture and accessory designs that will bear the imprint of his talent long into the future.


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