Art & Life Charity Hong Kong

February 2017

Art & Life Charity Hong Kong

To celebrate its first anniversaryRoche Bobois Hong Kong has given “free reign” to 7 artists from different sectors (design, film, painting, etc.) to create their own version of the company’s iconic sofa: the Mah Jong.

Each artist has created a custom version of the model, adapting it to their own aesthetic.

Notable among the guest artists is the young Australian artist Aelita Andre (10 years old), who is already internationally renowned. Local artists have also been given free rein to showcase their creativity: Syan MC Yan, an urban musician and artist, William TangWalter Ma, and Kenny Li, fashion stylists, and Jacqueline Ch’ng and Eunis Chan, big names in the world of fashion and film.

The creations by these 7 artists were unveiled to the public during an event celebrating the first anniversary of the Roche Bobois showroom in Hong Kong.

These unique pieces, which are on display in the showroom, will be sold at auction in mid-June to benefit the local charity "Art in Hospital", which provides art therapy sessions in hospital environments.

This bold initiative illustrates Roche Bobois’ continuous desire to bring the worlds of art and design together.