INEX Brussels : Street art exhibition

June 2016

INEX Brussels : Street art exhibition

INEX Brussels : Street art exhibition

Following the success of last year’s exhibition, “Inexterieur Paris”, Roche Bobois Belgium will be hosting its own exhibition, ‘Inex Brussels’ at the spectacular showroom in Uccle.

The exhibition, which will take place between the 3rd and 18th June, will feature works by 7 world-leading street-artists: OKUDA SAN MIGUEL, ALEXEY LUKA, BARTEK SWIATECKI, GRAPHIC SURGERY, MR JAGO, M-CITY and RICHARD CALDICOTT.

Each artist will present several works, some of which were commissioned especially for this event, in order to demonstrate how street art and interior design can work together.

Four artists – Okuda San Miguel, Mr Jago, Graphic Surgery and Richard Caldicott – were given the freedom to apply their ideas to the futuristic Furtif desk, designed by Daniel Rode for Roche Bobois. The result is four extremely unique pieces which express the personality and original talent of each artist.

These unique pieces will be sold during an online auction arranged by the Drouot auction house which will take place from 12pm on 2nd June to 8pm on 11th June at

All proceeds will be donated to the Mimi Ullens Foundation which provides support and well-being to cancer patients.

Exhibition catalog