April 2017


As every year, Roche Bobois will be present at the Milan Fair, meeting with the world of design and furniture and all its partners.

The stand presents an intimate and colourful atmosphere with Asian inspiration, where the materials and rhythms of the walls play off the deep and warm colourways of the models.

On show is a collection created by both renowned designers and the emerging talents Roche Bobois loves to trust.

Jean Nouvel expresses with his « Chinese table », Li-Da, and its flawless lacquer, a quintessential meeting between occident and orient.

Christophe Delcourt celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Legend bookcase, which has become, thanks to its evocative force, the symbol of a new generation of eco-conceived products, shown here in two new finishes.

Sefano Bigi presents Maya, his first collection with Roche Bobois. With its delicately retro design, the soft lines of these cocktail tables create an unfolded trestle, drawing attention to the work of the solid walnut.

Maurizio Manzoni creates with the Octet sofa an XXL Italian version of an inflated and comforting tatami mat.

Finally, with Tiss, Bina Baitel transposes in her own way the theme of the loom, with a bookcase-trellis that plays on full and empty spaces.

Sculptures, flowers and bonsais in 3D: © Initial, Prodways Group