About Roche Bobois


January 2017


Designed by Christophe Delcourt in 2007, the Legend bookcase has become one of Roche Bobois’ iconic pieces. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, it has been reimagined with three new looks while remaining true to its roots. The bookcase is still entirely made of solid wood without a single piece of hardware and adheres to the principles of eco-design. The result is a completely pure and natural object.


The Legend bookcase turned 10 years old. What was the spirit of its evolution?

Christophe Delcourt: I wanted to rediscover the origin of drawings, with the black line of the pencil, and at the same time show the graphic aspect of trees, which turn into wood. On the carbon version, the larch wood is heavily sandblasted and has a charred finish, allowing the pattern of the grains and knots to be more pronounced. The multi-species version completely transforms the bookcase: we’ve played with different types of wood a patchwork of colours to create a more vibrant design.

Originally, why did you choose a tree as your source of inspiration?

Christophe Delcourt: For two reasons. First: the design of the bookcase was carried out in the Burgundy region, so I only had Burgundy oak to work with. Second: I’ve always liked using wood. I appreciate its natural characteristics, its rough patches, which make it a material that can never be repetitive. Each board is different. In addition, I see a harmony between the drawing, the wood, and how we work with it.

How is the Legend a genuine eco-design?

Christophe Delcourt: This bookcase is made without nails, screws or metallic joints. We choose to select oak that is third choice to show the tree’s natural characteristics - knots, rough spots, and branches - which makes each bookcase a unique piece.


ECORCE – A one-off piece, this rough-cut version of the Legend bookcase features both bark and sapwood. A creation straight out the forest.

MIX – This  version combines four different varieties: oak, ash, cherry wood and walnut. A little forest on its own.

CARBON – Made of larch, worked by hand and then thoroughly sandblasted to reveal all of its veins: a charred, very expressive Legend.