Paris Paname Collection

December 2017

Paris Paname Collection

"I imagined pieces of furniture that you would never get tired of. Pieces that would stand the test of time. I wanted to give character and precision to shapes and materials inspired by the 1950s. I sought to create sensations without too much ostentation. This furniture collection is like a chameleon: it is both classic and modern, without overshadowing the volumes.”
Bruno Moinard, interior designer.

Bruno Moinard is an accomplished artist, working as a designer and interior designer, scenographer, painter and photographer. In 1979, he joined Andrée Putman and Ecart International, before founding his own architectural firm, 4BI, in 1995. His signature style is based on the affectionate integration of French culture into his projects. From the Château Latour in Pauillac to the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, via the restaurants of Anne-Sophie Pic in London and Alain Ducasse in Beijing, his work brings to life a luxurious and elegant French touch.

For Roche Bobois, he designed the Paris Paname collection. Within one collection, two design languages combine: the first one speaks of volume and wooden textures, finding harmony in an oval table which combines glass, sycamore and brushed brass. The second is lighter and more geometrically-centered, with the same respect for materials: fine brushed-brass frames, lacquer and vintage leather come together in elegant form for the desk or the spectacular screen.

The result is a cohesive collection that allows the combination of different forms and materials, mixing clean lines with sensual elegance.