AvaBridge - polycarbonate emeraude

L. 60 x H. 80 x D. 57 cm (23.6"l x 31.5"h x 22.4"d)

Design Song Wen Zhong

The Ava chair combines the ideas of a mythical dragon, reincarnated as a Ming dynasty's armchair, with the perfection of advanced technology. It is made in polycarbonate injection and is very light and stackable. It can be produced in many different colours and finishes, and can be either transparent or opaque. It was designed by Song Wen Zhong, a young Chinese designer who won the Roche Bobois Design Award on the theme of “Nature, the universal link between East and West.”

$ 570

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Song Wen Zhong

Born in 1983 and having graduated in 2006 from Beijing Art Academy, Song Wen Zhong went on to win a number of prestigious national design competitions in China. In 2009 he won the first ever cycle of the Roche Bobois Award for his innovative design, the AVA chair. Since, Song Wen Zhong has established his own independent design studio in his hometown of Chengdu, in Southwest China.

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Song wen zhong
Song wen zhong ava chair

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