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W. 410 x H. 90 x D. 110 cm (160.15"w x 35.15"h x 42.96"d)

Design Philippe Bouix

The Itineraire sofa tempts you to sit down and relax. Designer Philippe Bouix wanted to create a sofa that was elegant, comfortable and above all, modular. The armrests are mobile and the backrests have a double depth system for truly à la carte comfort: with a simple adjustment the seats can become deeper and even more generous. ...




Many other materials, colours and dimensions available in the showroom


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Upholstered in fabric. Double depth backrests with manual rocking mechanism (also available in fixed version), adjustable armrests. Padded seat cushions in bi-density HR foam 35-40 kg/m³ and cotton batting. Padded armrest cushions in HR foam 45kg/m³ and cotton batting. Structure in steel, solid fir wood and pine plywood. HR elastic straps suspension. Also available in other dimensions, straight sofas and ottoman.

Manufactured in Europe.


Consisting of:
- One 3-seat 1-arm unit with left armrest and double depth (L. 216 x H. 90 x D. 110 cm), Dimensions when opened : (L.224 x H.90 x D. 140)
- One Lounge chair with double depth (L. 102 x H. 90 x D. 145 cm), Dimensions when opened : (L.102 x H.90 x D. 186)
- One Lounge chair with right armrest and double depth (L. 118 x H. 90 x D. 156 cm), Dimensions when opened: (L.126 x H.90 x D. 186)

Other versions available in the showroom

5-seat sofa - backs with double depth - 130,71"w x 35,43"h x 43,31"d
5-seat sofa - fixed backs - 130,71"w x 35,43"h x 38,98"d
Large 4-seat sofa - backs with double depth - 112,99"w x 35,43"h x 43,31"d
Large 4-seat sofa - fixed backs - 112,99"w x 35,43"h x 38,98"d
Large 3-seat sofa - backs with double depth - 91,34"w x 35,43"h x 43,31"d
Large 3-seat sofa - fixed backs - 91,34"w x 35,43"h x 38,98"d
3-seat sofa - backs with double depth - 79,53"w x 35,43"h x 43,31"d
3-seat sofa - fixed backs - 79,53"w x 35,43"h x 38,98"d
Lounge chair - backs with double depth - 40,16"w x 35,43"h x 61,42"d
Lounge chair - 34,25"w x 35,43"h x 61,42"d
Armchair - 51,97"w x 35,43"h x 43,31"d
Large armchair - 51,97"w x 35,43"h x 38,98"d
Armchair - back with double depth - 46,06"w x 35,43"h x 43,31"d
Armchair - 46,06"w x 35,43"h x 38,98"d
Square ottoman - 43,31"w x 16,93"h x 43,31"d


Philippe Bouix

Philippe Bouix has designed several outstanding sofas for Roche Bobois. His approach goes beyond the concept of simply seeking to create sofas that provide extreme comfort from a physical point of view. He seeks to provide what he terms ‘visual comfort’ too, in other words an aesthetic harmony and balance of proportion that makes his sofas a pleasure to look at – as well as to sit on.

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