Pi 8
dining table

H. 75 x ∅. 150 cm(29.29"h x 58.59"∅)

Design Svetlana NOVICHKOVA

Inspired by ingenious research on the Euclidean solids, Russian designer Svetlana Novichkova designed this metal structure using 20 rings and 48 rods. Depending on the finish, the base resembles a chemical molecule or a precious jewel. The structure focuses on creating strength with as little material as possible. ...


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Price valid for matte black/black nickel and chrome-plated finish

Dining table with base consisting of 20 rings and steel rods. 4 finishes available: rings and rods with matte black lacquer finish, chrome-plated rings and rods, chrome-plated/black chrome-plated rings and matte black lacquer rods; chrome-plated/gilded rings and chrome-plated rods. Top in 12mm-thick tempered glass.

Manufactured in Europe.

Other versions available in the showroom

Dining table - 29,53"h x 55,12∅
Rectangular dining table - 118,11"w x 29,53"h x 43,31"d
Rectangular dining table - 102,36"w x 29,53"h x 43,31"d