Exhibition « Studio Harcourt: Monaco Celebrities »

January 2018

Exhibition « Studio Harcourt: Monaco Celebrities »


Opened recently in Monaco, La Galerie Roche Bobois is delighted to host, until 17th February, the exhibition "Studio Harcourt: Monaco Celebrities".

This exhibition showcases a variety of celebrities from different generations who have had a major influence on culture, sports, or the arts.

Despite their differences, they all have one commonality: a connection to Monaco. They may have been born there, moved there, married there, lived there, or designed there.

The portraits of these actors, designers, chefs, singers, and athletes all feature the inimitable style of Studio Harcourt, showcasing its expert technique in continuous light photography.

Léo Ferré, Alain Ducasse, Elena Dementieva, Karl Lagerfeld, Nico Rosberg, Monica Bellucci are some of the celebrities whose portraits by Studio Harcourt’s “light studio” are showcased at the Roche Bobois Gallery in Monaco.


Studio Harcourt was created in 1934 by the Lacroix brothers, who were media proprietors and associated with Robert Ricci and Cosette Harcourt. With her experience at Manuel Frères, Cosette Harcourt was responsible for managing the studio, which was dedicated to “artistic photography.”

She brought her name, signature, and style to the studio, along with strong cinematographic influences. Fascinated by artists since childhood, she succeeded in making Studio Harcourt one of the most popular studios in all of Paris.

International celebrities from arts, sports, and politics gather at the doors of the spectacular mansion that houses the studio at 49 avenue d'Iena in Paris.

Today, Studio Harcourt maintains the inimitable style forged by its founder. As the ultimate destination for unique photography expertise, it continues to photograph celebrities and others who are seeking an exceptional portrait.