IntralatinaComposition 2017-04a

W. 374 x H. 197 x D. 46 cm (147.2"w x 77.6"h x 18.1"d)

Intralatina is a complete program of modular elements that allows infinite possibilities for a wall composition. The compositions are divided into three families: fixed to the wall, fixed to back panelling (possibly self-supporting), or held up by vertical supports. They all combine storage units, shelves, and boxes in many dimensions and a wide variety of materials and finishes. Intralatina is the essence of customisation, for the living room or bedroom.

With three sections, the focal point of this composition is the large sliding door in Stop-Sol glass. This glass - commonly used in architecture - offers a mirror or transparent appearance depending on whether the interior lighting is turned on or off. It allows you to choose whether you want what's behind the glass to be hidden or on display. The glass shelves are framed with aluminium and have integrated lighting.

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