PulpTavolo da pranzo

L. 250 x H. 75 x P. 110 cm

Design Eugeni Quitllet

PULP è la prima collaborazione tra il designer catalano Eugeni Quitllet e Roche Bobois: una collezione di tavoli, sedie e poltrone.


Eugeni Quitllet

Eugeni Quitllet is a Catalan designer. Born the 17th April 1972. He uses industrial design and creativity to shape new realities and an optimistic idea of Future. He synthetize form and function with an explosive elegance and sinuosity, to create best sellers For Eugeni Future is the optimistic state of imagination From the object to Space, he puts his eye on the world to make us rediscover it His visionary idea of the future aim at bringing to life that which doesn’t exist yet. His design practice is exceptionally diverse, making him a multifaceted creator: a Renaissance man from the future.

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