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W. 144 x H. 75 x D. 69 cm

Designed by Bina Baitel

From classicism, designer Bina Baitel has only kept the beautiful details - edgings, ingots, and the fine materials - carved wood, brass patinas. The shapes, however, are bold and decidedly contemporary, featuring full and fluid curves. ...




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Estimated delivery time: 10 to 12 weeks null

1 drawer with wooden rails.
Belt in Gouge-stained oak veneer on plywood and MDF, top in stained oak veneer on MDF, surrounding edge and legs in MDF with brass lacquer finish, metallic structure in brass with lacquer finish.

Manufactured in Europe


eco conceived

This product was identified as eco-designed by our qualitative assessment tool developed in collaboration with the CBAF. it has been positively evaluated according to 8 criteria corresponding to each stage of its life cycle Technological institute.

Designed by

Bina Baitel

Born in Paris in 1977, Bina Baitel graduated from the ‘École National Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette’ in 2002. A multidisciplinary artist, she founded her own studio in 2006 developing projects in art, design, set design, new technologies and architecture. Her work has been recognised with numerous French and international awards in the fields of art, architecture and design and is displayed in Paris and around the world. Between art, design and architecture, Bina Baitel experiments with transforming concepts into objects and spaces. In 2016, she put her mark on the Astragale collection for Roche Bobois, a distorted Haussmannian collection.

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Bina Baitel

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Roche Bobois: partner of AS Monaco for the club’s VIP area

The collaboration between the Monégasque professional football club and Roche Bobois is reflected in an exceptional VIP area at the Stade Louis-II: the Roche Bobois Lounge.

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Roche Bobois: partner of AS Monaco for the club’s VIP area