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Sideboard 2 doors - black structure

W. 220 x H. 76 x D. 52 cm

Designed by Sacha Lakic

A wooden version of the iconic Speed Up sideboard designed by Sacha Lakic in 2005. This time, the wavy façade is created by 64 solid oak slats, all different and manually assembled on a black or white structure. The three-dimensional rhythm created by this craftmanship is spectacular! ...



Sideboard 2 doors - black structure


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Buffet avec corpus en panneaux de fibres de moyenne densité laqué Noir, 2 portes coulissantes coplanaires en relief réalisées en lattes de chêne massif huilé (4 teintes). Un tiroir intérieur et une tablette en verre ép.8mm. Piétement en acier laqué époxy.

fabrication européenne


Other versions available in the showroom:

buffet 4 portes - corpus noir - L.220 x H.76 X 52
buffet 4 portes - corpus blanc - L.220 x H.76 X 52

existe en 4 portes battantes

eco conceived

This product was identified as eco-designed by our qualitative assessment tool developed in collaboration with the CBAF. it has been positively evaluated according to 8 criteria corresponding to each stage of its life cycle Technological institute.

Designed by

Sacha Lakic

Designer Sacha Lakic has a passion for cutting-edge technology that he has applied to ambitious designs for futuristic cars and motorcycles. Each of his designs showcases supple yet dynamic shapes – his signature. For Roche Bobois he designs seats and furniture with fluid, sleek lines that match rigour and sensuality, logic and passion. With its unique shapes and style, the Bubble sofa designed by Sacha Lakic is today an iconic piece in the Roche Bobois collections.

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Sacha Lakic

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