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Hotel Dandy, Paris

April 2022


Roche Bobois Contract Paris lends its editor expertise to architects, interior decorators and project leaders in the hospitality industry with a specific range of skills services and dedicated to them.

After carrying out successful projects such as the Fauchon hotel, the Louvre Montana hotel and the Chouchou hotel in Paris in collaboration with the architect-decorator Michael Malapert; Roche Bobois Contract Paris continued its collaboration with Malapert and the Elegancia group to design bespoke furniture for the rooms of the Dandy, a new 4-star hotel in the group, located in the heart of the Les Halles district in Paris.

The team was led by Antonin Roche and Elise Commin who worked together to design, prototype and produce the white label furniture and fixtures.

In close collaboration with the Malapert, each piece of furniture was designed to adapt to the particular constraints of each room, while keeping in mind the identity of the Dandy hotel, also imagined by Malapert.

Each of the 36 rooms has a different configuration, making each room designed by Roche Bobois Contract Paris unique.

In addition to the furniture designed for the living rooms such as the wardrobe and the headboards, the team also designed the sinks for the bathrooms. To achieve this, Roche Bobois Contracta Paris called on its specialized ateliers to design the sinks which combine marble, metal, mirror and wood materials.

« From Michael Malapert’s concept drawings, to the furniture production and the installation of the fixtures, Roche Bobois Contract Paris put its savoir-faire to work in the Dandy hotel project. We are particularly proud of the work carried out and the renewed confidence of the Elegancia group. »

Antonin Roche - Managing Director Paris – Roche Bobois