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dining table

∅. 190 cm

Designed by Antoine Fritsch & Vivien Durisotti

Roche Bobois achieved a world first in the furniture sector when it launched the CORAIL table in 2020: a 3D-printed, customizable concrete base (not only can customers choose its shape and size, but they can also apply the weaving effect wherever they wish, while viewing their design in real time).
In a continuous upwards movement, the giant 3D printer's digitally operated nozzle - a technological marvel - dispenses a concrete ribbon that hardens in the course of layering, followed by a 20-day setting period.
Its shape summons polypore fungi incrusted in trees, coral colonies on a reef, or giant baroque shells. CORAIL is a superb object inspired by the beauty of natural imperfection, giving free rein to the imagination of its owner. The outdoor console is a fanciful sculpture that showcases its original inspiration, even more so in an al fresco setting.



dining table

Steel patina

Many other materials, colours and dimensions available in the showroom


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Estimated delivery time: 10 to 12 weeks null

Round dining table with base made in concrete 3D printing (BUHP), customizable shape and texture. Base in steel (Epoxy lacquer, 2 colors), top in 15 mm-thick tempered glass.

Manufactured in Europe


Other versions available in the showroom:

Rectangular dining table - W. 220 x H. 73 x D. 120 cm
Rectangular dining table - W. 250 x H. 73 x D. 120 cm
Round dining table - H. 73 x ∅. 160 cm
Round dining table - H. 73 x ∅. 190 cm

eco conceived

This product was identified as eco-designed by our qualitative assessment tool developed in collaboration with the CBAF. it has been positively evaluated according to 8 criteria corresponding to each stage of its life cycle Technological institute.

Designed by

Antoine Fritsch & Vivien Durisotti

Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti are constantly searching for harmony between people and our environment. Each project is approached with a global vision that considers the user's needs. The sincerity of their collaborations adds poetic charm and depth to their creations. Ardent advocates of positive design, their ethos is based on encouraging more interaction between people. Fritsh and Durisotti have the ability to innovate, surprise and delight those who encounter their designs.

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Antoine Fritsch & Vivien Durisotti

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