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Eco-design at Roche Bobois

Legend bookcase, eco-designed by Roche Bobois

Legend bookcase, eco-designed by Roche Bobois

As human activity is increasingly impacting the environment, a new approach of creation and quality has been developped. At Roche Bobois, quality and creativity are fundamental for eco-design as long as it respects the planet in general and more specifically our clients environment. In collaboration with FCBA **, we have developed our own qualitative assessment tool, Eco8.

Eco8 allows us to measure the impact our products have on the environment, and helps us find solutions to improve them, whenever possible. We are developing new products, making eco-consciousness priority everytime, as well as rethinking existing models to make them more virtuous. More than 150 of them have already been evaluated. In the interactive catalogue and our website, you will find those which obtained their validation thanks to this pictogram:

eco-conceived pictogram





1 - Environmental profile/evaluation of materials used for structures (recyclability, etc.).
2 - Environmental profile/evaluation of materials used for coatings.


3 - Colors, varnishes, glues and finishes used.
4 - Environmental practices implemented in workshops (certifications ...).


5 - Durability of the product.
6 - Where applicable: type of lighting and performance of the light source of the product.


7 - Quantity of materials used.
8 - Separability of the materials used.


Each of these 8 criteria is rated from 1 to 4, an average is then calculated. Based on our evaluation system, we consider that a product is eco-designed when it obtains a score greater than or equal to 3.


Dining Table ASTER. design Reda Amalou

Solid oak, steel assembly ring and glass top.

Discover the productDiscover the product

Vaisselier SCALA. design Bina Baitel

Solid oak and oak veneer.

Discover the productDiscover the product

Bridge AVA. design Song Wen Zhong

Injection (Gas Molding technique). transparent polycarbonate (7 shades) or glossy opaque polyamide (3 colors).

Discover the productDiscover the product

Among the general actions taken by Roche Bobois to reduce environmental impact, we can mention:

Reduction of VOC emissions in the atmosphere:

- Natural finishes used for some collections (removal of polyurethane varnish in favor of oils or waxes);
- Adoption of CARB / TSCA Title VI of the U.S.A, one of the most stringent regulations concerning the release of formaldehyde in wood-based panels.

The process of obtaining standards and certifications by our workshops:

- ISO 14001 for environmental management (43% of our products come from manufacturing workshops complying with this standard);
- ISO 9001 for quality management;
- OHSAS 18001 for the management of health and safety at work;
- FSC / PEFC for sustainably managed timber: we are gradually increasing the proportion of products made from panels and solid wood complying with these certifications.

The implementation of an eco-design guide (and more specifically the Eco8 evaluation tool) establishes good practices in the daily product development for our designers and workshops.

Throughout our site, all products that have been tested as "eco-designed" are indicated with this pictogram: eco-conçu

** FCBA : Forêt Cellulose Bois-Construction Ameublement, Reference Technological Institute.

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