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Iconic Bubble

January 2024


With its unique style available in a straight or rounded version, the Bubble sofa is an iconic piece in the Roche Bobois collections.
This season, the Bubble sofa is upholstered in our all-new Câlin fabric. Especially soft and comfortable, the fabric comes in a wide range of colors and further emphasizes the Bubble sofa’s original aesthetic.

Designed by Sacha Lakic, who is passionate about cutting-edge technologies, the Bubble sofa strikes a perfect balance between innovation, function and feeling.
Inspired by natural, mineral forms and entirely handmade, its design required the development of specific stretch fabrics to perfectly envelop its rounded shape.
Each fabric has a distinctive personality: the original Techno 3d fabric with its honeycomb structure, the Orsetto bouclette fabric for a soft yet textured look, and the new Câlin fabric for an especially plush, teddy-style feel.

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